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坤儀國際股份有限公司創立於1990年,主要業務代理歐洲及美國知名時尚品牌,尋找亞洲潛力合作對象,以及品牌塑造 (Brand DNA) 工作。代理品牌之中,合作期間最久、最具知名度的品牌為Pierre Cardin - 法國設計師品牌,也是六零年代重要的時尚指標。至今,坤儀已有30年的品牌推廣管理的經驗。

自1990年起,本公司就成為Pierre Cardin的獨家總代理,全權負責處理和開發Pierre Cardin 及其旗下品牌Maxim's 臺灣、香港及中國品牌授權的事務。
由於成績斐然,公司在品牌管理專業領域建立了極高的聲譽,代理領土也開始擴及至全亞洲。在10年之中,相繼代理了法國高級訂制服品牌 - Carven及Pierre Balmain ; 此外,我們也是美國品牌ZOO YORK, LONDON FOG的大中華區獨家代理商。其中ZOO YORK為來自美國紐約的時尚潮牌,以滑板運動為其品牌發展的核心,在美國早已享譽盛名。LONDON FOG則以經典風衣系列風靡全美,許多好萊塢名人皆是此品牌的愛用者,目前已成為全球風衣界的領導品牌。

除服飾品牌外,我們也是法國知名漫畫Les Triples三寶貝及Mother Goose鵝媽媽品牌代理商 ; 于2000至2005年間曾為比利時知名品牌TIN TIN丁丁歷險記的進口商。如此出色的成就需歸功於整體團隊不斷地努力及高品質的服務表現。

同時,這些品牌也在公司團隊的努力之下,分別在大中華區市場有卓越的表現。Pierre Cardin至今仍是市占率最高的授權品牌,商品在市場上的曝光率有目共睹。另外,Carven及Balmain的轉型經營女裝及配件,我們也成功地推薦合資夥伴。僅2-3年的時間,兩岸三地已開設了多家店鋪,成功奠定品牌定位及知名度,並促成商標併購。


L'ESPACE INTERNATIONAL CORP., founded in 1990, our main business is to represent European/USA famous fashion brands, look for Asian potential partners, and Brand DNA for domestic enterprises in Asia. Among these brands, the most internationally known brand -  Pierre Cardin, a French designer brand that represented the fashion in early 60's. Under the leadership of Ms. Delphine Lin, who has over 25 years experience in brand management, the company has been appointed as pierre cardin exclusive agent since 1990, with full responsibility and authority to develop Pierre Cardin & MAXIM'S licensing in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

As we have built our credibility and brand management know-how over the past 30 years, our territory extends throughout all Asia. In last twenty years, we represent French Haute Couture brands - Carven, Pierre Balmain, and as master licensee of Taiwan for U.S. POLO ASSN, a brand derived from the governing body for the Sport of Polo in the United States and Canada. In the past few years, we become the exclusive agent in Greater China for the American brands ZOO YORK and LONDON FOG. ZOO YORK serves up a wide range of casual looks for men and women that takes creative inspiration from New York City's skateboarding, hip-hop, and graffiti cultures. LONDON FOG is a leading brand for waterproof coats which Hollywood celebrities adore a lot.

Besides the fashion brands, we are also the agent of French well known comic Les Triples and American brand Mother Goose. We were the distributor of the "The adventures of TINTIN" from 2000 to 2005. This outstanding achievement was owing to the entire teams' consistent hard work and quality services.

Nowadays, Pierre Cardin remains as a leading licensing brand in Taiwan with solid partners. In Asia, we successfully recommended suitable partners for Carven and Balmain to open women's ready-to-wear and accessories shops. In merely 2-3 years, 30 boutiques were opened in China to establish the brand position and awareness successfully. Case by case, we have successfully implemented several trademark assignment, long-term trademark licensing cases and joint-venture partnership.